Antarctica – Days 5 & 6

Ok so the computer I’m using has the screen running upside down so sorry if I get things wrong, types fine as long as I don’t look at the screen :o)

For those not in the know, we’re down here removing asbestos from the Trans Antarctic Expedition Hut, or commonly known as the Hillary Hut as it was built by Sir Ed and his team. All the internal wall and ceiling linings are asbestos. The hut was built as a kit set, so the walls and ceilings were constructed of panels made from an outer layer aluminium, then plywood, then foam insulation and finally an inner lining of asbestos. I’ve been told it took them a day to put up but will take the AHT people 3 months to fix! I think Ed would be laughing his head off about now.

Anyway, what happened…

Day 5 (-23) starting to warm up down here – the ice that’s managed to get inside the TAE Hut via the leaking roof is starting to melt so getting a bit damp inside now. Matt and I continued to remove the panels, clean timbers etc. so no real changes there. Went for a walk-up Crater Hill last night, almost killed me, should say that you can’t beat the good old outdoors for fitness. At the top there’s a frozen lake and some great views. Didn’t go all the way around. Looking at walking up Observation Hill tomorrow, easier walk but higher up!

Day 6 (-20) Not a lot happening today other than more removal and more clean up. It’s been great talking to all the interesting people down here, they’re all so happy to discuss what they’re doing… very nice people.

Cheers Ric