Antarctica – Day 18 & 19

Hi All,

The answer to the question on the colour of the TAE hut is: orange trim and yellow walls, the colour was to be seen for air drops and to find in the snow :

Day 18 (-10) another good day for Matt and I, finished most of the cleanup and ready for the final, final push on Tuesday.
We’ve got a website/blogger person at base for a few days, her name is Jamie Curry, they say she’s well known and has over 20M followers and has a media manager with her. nice girl, spends a lot of time on her cell phone.

Day19 (-22) as a well known man once said… ‘we knocked the bastard off!’ Yes we’ve finished, just some air tests and clean up of the final gear to go…but we can’t leave until we get a clear result, and Wed’s flight has been pushed out :o(
Got some pictures of the only set of old skis down here from Shackleton’s Hut days, they were removed many years ago by some Americans and the family has just sent them back today! No-one knew anything about them so has got a few people excited down here today..

Fun fact – did you know the average daily data usage at the base is 60GB not as much as I had thought.

Cheers all see you soon