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Auckland & North Island

Trustworthy and Experienced Professionals serving 17,000 Customers since 2006

Harcourt Insulation has a dedicated team and premises in Auckland, specialising in asbestos removal. We have successfully managed over 17,000 asbestos properties, making us leaders in the industry.

Comprehensive Asbestos Removal Services for Auckland

Trading as Asbestos Biological in Auckland, we offer end-to-end asbestos services. From asbestos sampling and management plans to fire and soil remediation, demolition, removal, and disposal, we handle it all. With our extensive experience in residential and commercial properties, we are well-prepared for any situation.

Rest assured, our team follows the highest standards and complies with all local regulations. We use IANZ accredited asbestos testing labs and provide third-party verification certificates.

Certified Professionals for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos poses a serious health risk, and is governed by strict health controls and legislation. It’s vital to choose qualified professionals with rigorous processes to avoid additional costs, delays and stress.

Convenient Location and Nationwide Coverage

Based in Onehunga, our Auckland office serves the entire Auckland region, including CBD, North Shore, West Auckland, East Auckland, and South Auckland.

We also provide services throughout the North Island, including Hamilton, Wellington, and the entire South Island from our Christchurch office.

Experience and Expertise You Can Rely On

We have a lot of experience on our team. There are people on our team with asbestos experience dating back to the late 70s, including several with over 40 years’ experience.

In fact, some of our senior team were even involved in developing the initial regulations around asbestos management. We provide our clients with all the necessary information and offer safe and cost-effective solutions.

Safe and Efficient Removal Process

Our Asbestos Removal Process is meticulously controlled to ensure safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Free Consultation

Request a Free Consultation for Professional Service and Expert Advice

Even if asbestos is detected, removal may not always be necessary. Our qualified team will assess the situation and provide all viable options, including managing and containing the asbestos. For renovations, it’s vital to test for asbestos to avoid releasing harmful fibres into the air. We will guide you in making the best decision for your situation.


Auckland doesn’t have asbestos-accepting transfer stations. Auckland council won’t pick up asbestos-containing items. This includes items that you place out for the inorganics collection.


Asbestos disposal should be handled by a professional company, according to Auckland Council. On their website, they provide a list of certified companies. You can find our accreditations on the Work Safe website under Harcourt Insulation 2006 Limited. We have both A and B license classes.

We will measure the area to determine how much asbestos needs to be removed. The type of asbestos and material it is being removed from is also a factor in determining costs. We’ll provide you with a highly detailed quote which allows for:

  1. Proper preparation with compliant set-up and air monitoring
  2. Safe and compliant disposal with receipts as proof
  3. Comprehensive paperwork to meet legislative and insurance requirements
  4. Third party testing and clearance certificates issued to verify the area is safe to reoccupy.
  5. Our services are highly professional but that doesn’t make us expensive. Because we employ a highly experienced team and have stringent processes, we are