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Our team of experts has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate the complexities of asbestos removal. Our FAQ page aims to address your concerns and provide you with the information you need.

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Some well known products can be identified visually e.g. asbestos Super Six Roofing, but the only accurate way of knowing¬† is to have the product tested. This is why products must be ‘presumed positive’ until tested under the Act.

Just because you have asbestos located on your property doesn’t mean you’re at a higher health risk. But it does mean you need to ensure the material is well maintained to minimize the release of fibers or cause cross-contamination issues.

No, there’s no legal obligation to remove the asbestos but there is an obligation to maintain it to ensure the safety of yourself and others and/or remove and dispose of it correctly.

The regulations on this are complex and depend on a number of different factors. I recommend referring to the Act and/or having us complete a survey/scope to assess for you.

No but they have to abide by a number of Act’s and legislations. If you believe you are at risk, you can contact SafeWise NZ, the Tenancy Tribunal or have us assess the risk.

This will vary depending on the location of the property, type of test and number required. Send us an inquiry; we’re happy to quote.

Yes, we have qualified assessors that can complete this for you. Send us an inquiry; we’re happy to quote.

Just because it’s black doesn’t mean you have Stachybotrys Chartarum. You will need a test done to confirm this. Results can take up to 5 weeks or more as the lab needs to grow a culture from the sample.