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General Services

Harcourt Insultation provide the following services to compliment our decontamination work. 

Hazardous substances can be found in soil, and asbestos is commonly found in roofs. While some people choose to demolish their property rather than manage or remove the hazardous substance. By providing these services ourselves, we can ensure full quality control over the decontamination process.  Thereby providing a high-quality result across the entire project.  

Maintaining full control over decontamination projects is important to us, which is why we employ our own decontamination team. Be wary of others who subcontract out these services. Most of our team have been with us for seven years on average, while others have in excess of 20 years experience.

A job is only as good as the people who perform it and the tools they use, which is why we invest in the very best.   

Single level demolition

Demolition of decontaminated buildings is a highly specialised area. Without the proper controls, soil contamination can occur and occupant health, as well as those in neighboring properties, can be put as risk…

New roofing & replacement

Asbestos roofs have a limited life as they are impacted by the elements. The surface gets thinner and thinner, and while a repair may act as stop-gap, it’s not a solution. Rather than waste money on repairs that inevitably have…

Soil remuneration

To ensure your soil is returned to a safe and natural state, it’s essential the cleanup process is managed professionally. Furthermore, because soil removal can be costly, we conduct a detailed survey of the soil so you don’t end up having…