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Rolleston College

Pipe insulation

Rolleston College project in Selwyn, of which Rolleston is the major town, is the fastest growing region in NZ for six of the last seven years (last year it was 2nd).

With this population growth set to continue the Government signed with the $298 million future Schools Partners (FSP) consortium, one of the four projects being the establishment of a new High School.

Harcourt Insulation were successful with our tender and started on site mid July 2016. With some 6,500 meters of pipe to insulate, we were working to a very tight schedule as the site needed to be fully operational for 2017 student enrolment.

To meet the deadline, work was required into the night and on weekends. Not quite 24/7, but it was very challenging for our management team to ensure staff with key skills were available throughout.

After some 4000 man hours, the project was completed on time late January 2017.

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