Antarctica – Day 20

Evening All & Happy birthday Amy

Day20 (-22) well the air tests are done just have to wait for the results now, won’t know before noon on Friday so things will be tight if we’re going to get on the earlier plane.

Went over to McMurdo today and was shown around where their old nuclear power plant was! Yep they used to have a site at McMurdo… thought they were taking the piss when they first told me. There’s still the old floors of the buildings in place, but they have removed a huge amount of the hill side to get rid of the contamination… wonder what Trump would do?

We’re going to help the builders clean up their site tomorrow before the VIP’s get in, so Matt and I will be vacuuming the ground to remove the paint chips etc.… well I have vacuumed a lawn before so nothing too new.

Hope everyone is well after the shakes, see you all soon