Antarctica – Days 4 & 5

Hi again hope everyone is well back in NZ, brief on last two days: note temps are with wind chill, ambient temp sitting around -22, told today that once this gets to -18 then it’s summer :o)

We have had to make a few changes to accommodate for the cold, like, moving our masks into another warmer container every break otherwise we come back to a frozen rubber masks that take a good 10min to thaw while on your head.

Day4 (-36) – no morning meeting as only us mad ones working, we got most of the timber trim off, cleaned and out of the area, plus the carpet up and bagged. Had to pee in a plastic bottle today cos we don’t want to leave the building once we’re suited up, takes about 10min to freeze… have to thaw it out to get rid of it. a very Antarctic experience. After dinner, we went over the hill to McMurdo Station, very American, (they have over 800 people stationed there and has a small shopping area!) to listen to a Kiwi singer Warren Maxwell who is on Ice as part of the Community Engagement programme, great night out and good to get off the base.

Day5 (-24) – Day started off with a slight snow fall but no wind so not too cold. Got all the bagged material out of the hut and into a secure disposal container, and got the main area all setup by lunch time. Started to remove the wall linings, yep they’re as difficult as I had feared, coming off in chunks and damaging the internal insulation… bugger, should be home by Christmas. Expected to get down to -44 overnight so will be very cold in the morning.

Still working on those pictures, planning to have a day off soon and will make sure I get some uploaded. Hoping to get a trip out to the old huts and penguin field next Sunday, seen some pictures others have taken looks great.

Cheers Ric