Antarctica – Day 14 & 15

Hi people of the main land, sorry I didn’t email yesterday I was a bit buggered.

Day14 (-24 a lot of wind). Matt and I started the last area of removal today, the cold porch. This was meant to be easy but turned out to be the worst area of the lot, it’s only about 3 square meters but will take most of tomorrow to do as well.

They have done some repairs at some point and used a rubber glue and a hard filling compound… both sticking like shit to a woolly blanket.

Another fact for you to find out about is the colour of the TAE hut, it’s currently green but what was the original colour and why?

Day15 (-8) We finished off the last of the removal, so now just 5 days of cleaning, moving stuff, cleaning, spraying and finally testing.

Had a sore knee again today, think Matt is working me too hard or just old age again.
The ice pressure ridges on the sea ice are moving a lot each day now, some of the broken off chunks are 3m tall, some great pics to be sent when I get home… hope I remembered to take the lenses cap off.

Another full day tomorrow and then off on a day trip if the weather holds.

See you all soon