Antarctica – Day 11 & 12

Hi All,

Sorry I didn’t touch base yesterday the system was down for a while.

Day11 (-12) after the day off it was a bit of a frustrating day as we discovered another pile of stuff we needed to clean and remove from the hut. I think we’re up to 300 individual items we have had to clean, sounds simple but you have to move each one a minimum of 4 times to get it outside, and clean ready for storage.

I also had a sore foot so was mister grumpy all day :o(

Finished with an early night ready for a full-on day tomorrow.

Day12 (-8) Summer is well and truly here, they’re talking only -2 for tomorrow. Snow is melting fast, but it’s really strange as the atmosphere is so dry there’re few if any puddles, so as the snow goes, the ground is dry!

Matt and I got into the kitchen today, all stripped and bagged but have another full day cleaning before the area is finished, plus MORE stuff they have found for us to clean… bugger!

Hope to view a few experiments being done on Base this week, and going for a bike ride on the sea ice tomorrow night if weather holds. Bit different to the roads in Darfield.

Cheers see you soon