Antarctica – Day 10

Hi everyone hope you’re all well and looking forward to work tomorrow.

Day10 (-12) no work today, first day Matt and I have had off in 13 days so wasn’t sure what to do… lies we slept in to 8.30 and then went for a walk over the hill to McMurdo, did a bit of shopping then went to the observation tube where you go under the ice. yep I made it down and back up, only needed 1 bar of soap :o)

Couldn’t see bugger all but was very cool, could hear the seals but they didn’t come in close enough to take pictures of them. Took some pics but not sure how they will turn out.

We then walked back to Scott Base via the sea ice, this took about an hour, got some great pictures. Tried to download the pics with Matt today but couldn’t get them to sync,
Got back to base and picked up a few things for the kids from the shop.

Back to work tomorrow, sounds like we have a heap of more things to clean, so that’s the morning sorted.