Antarctica Blogs – Days 1,2 & 3

Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply took me 3 days to learn Facebook :o)

So here’s a quick run down of the days so far and I’ll try to update end of each day depending on time.

Day1 (-36) – Left Christchurch around 9.30am on the big American AF317 along with 10 other NZ people and 100+ Americans. The flight was fine but a bit long (5+ hours) in a jump seat. Matt got up on the flight deck and got some good pictures, I missed out by 8 people so hope to have a good look on the way home.

We landed on the sea ice runway and then transported to Scott Base, about 45min trip along the snow road.

Then it was the start of the meetings, 1 hour introduction to the base and basic base H&S followed by a meeting with the AHT project team.

Day2 (-29) – Continuation of the meetings and basic training on safety on and around the ice, a quick walk up the Sir Ed Hillary track and then onto the ice shelf – we could hear the seals talking under the ice, bit strange but some great sights. Then, yep another meeting with the head man on the base to go over… yep H&S, they do it very well have picked up a few things for home.

Finally, around 4pm Matt & I were able to do some work, finishing at 9.30pm that night, so a long day.

Day3 (-27 today) – Start the day with daily team meeting and then into it… we got a lot done today so feel we’re on top of the job at this stage, but another long one finished around 7.30pm.

I will try to get some pictures uploaded over the next few days but the system here is a bit slow so may only get 1 or 2 pictures at a time.

Cheers Ric